Fundación Armonía Colectiva

Fundación Armonía Colectiva is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen the integral development of different Costa Rican communities through musical educational programs, community services, and cultural activities. The Fundación Armonía Colectiva (FAC) promotes a comprehensive, creative, humanistic learning environment that contributes to awareness, interaction, and social inclusion in Costa Rica.

Fundación Armonía Colectiva (FAC) was created in November 2017 and co founded by the singer and cultural manager María Amalia Quesada Chavarría and the musician José Arturo Soto Gamboa.

FIJAZZ Costa Rica

The International Jazz Festival of Costa Rica is a bridge where the human and social values of jazz meet with the preservation and expansion of the Costa Rican musical culture through the national and international interchange, thus providing new cultural and pedagogical opportunities for Costa Ricans.

The festival offers concerts with national and international artists, Jam Sessions. This event also has a unique educational program in Costa Rica, which provides more than 30 music clinics, lectures, and masterclasses at a very affordable cost, offering free activities and more than 250 scholarships for low-income music students. The festival is produced by Fundación Armonía Colectiva.